The key to a successful fairytale wedding lies in the pictures, of course. No matter, how big or small the ceremony is, your wedding photographs should stand the test of time.

You need a photographer whose work resonates with the theme of your wedding, the style you choose, along with images you’d want to share on social media and keep as a treasure in a wedding album for years to come.

That’s why it’ essential to embrace the latest trends in the industry in order to experience everlasting memories. Here are the highly popular trends in wedding photography you should keep an eye on to gain some ideas for your perfect wedding album:

Emotional Captures: There existed a time when Instagram and Pinterest were filled with larger-than-life captures. However, of late, photographers are seeing sharing impactful moments than those usually staged portraits like the wide expanse of valleys and mountaintops. They throw life into every picture and newlywed couples feel amused looking at their charming pictures. Our team at TVC Weddings is an expert in clicking the shots which will be loved by all.

Picture-Perfect Backdrops: Couples are seen intentionally creating picture-perfect moments made for Instagram. Because you got to do it for the gram. Your guests are all dressed up; you have a flower wall or backdrop for relatives and friends to take pictures. Pair that backdrop with the perfect hashtag and there you are with social media friends liking and commenting on your pictures endlessly.

Fun Photo Booths: During wedding ceremonies, photo booths are found omnipresent. Nothing breaks the ice at a wedding like a photo booth. The best part is these cool photo booths present a great opportunity for a pro wedding photographer to take some awesome candid shots of guests. Some cool booth ideas to choose from–classic photo booth, hanging props from trees, faux framed wall, speech bubbles, chalkboard, instant camera, and guest book. At TVC Weddings, we recommend you to pick the one according to your wedding theme.

Pre-Wedding Shoot: Every couple must consider a pre-wedding photo session. This is your time to shine and relive the joyous, romantic moments together. Such pre-wedding sessions is a good way to narrate your story and what passion you share together. Your photographer would do a commendable job hereby bringing in their artistic skills on the table.

Unplugged Ceremonies: Having your loved ones being a part of the once in a lifetime moment is truly a blessing. Asking them to enjoy the auspicious occasion without any tech distractions can actually make your wedding day more special. With no phone or tablet around at the ceremony, your photographer could snap the candid shots of family members giggling together, enjoying drinks, dancing on the popular tunes, eating together, a couple kissing as the vows are exchanged.

Next-Day Sneak Peeks: Those days are gone when couples had to wait for several weeks or even months to get the first glimpse of their photos. In today’s trend, a newly-wed couple receives the digital snaps in 1-2 days so they can instantly update their social media with authentic candid photos.

Wedding Photographer as Trusted Advisor: A professional photographer’s role is not just confined to the camera; they go beyond their role suggesting reputed vendors, wedding planners, interior designers, fashion designers to finding popular exotic spots for a wedding.

These trends in wedding photography will never go away. They are already a big hit and couples should embrace these trends for intimate and romantic photoshoots that make for long-lasting memories.

In fact, TVC Weddings follow these trends which have successfully occupied their place in everyone’s hearts.