Excited about this exciting adventure ahead? Well, who wouldn’t be? You spend so many hours, days and months making sure everything is perfect. You ought to have a perfect wedding portrait but, for that as a couple, you need to pose romantically.

Posing is an art, takes practice along with understanding some basic fundamentals. An excellent pose will flatter each individual while expressing a sense of bonding with each other. On a wedding day, you will face a time crunch so fill your mind with some interesting ideas so you have a great time posing.

  • Old Hollywood: This is one of the most classic and romantic poses. Groom faces the bride with her back to the camera that exposes the back of the dress. Both the bride and groom show their profiles while the body language is soft yet structured. This pose is sure to give you a royal look.
  • The First Look: Usually conducted without any interference from the photographer, the important thing here is to have a photographer capture the first reaction of the couple. Very often, young couples looking for a first look to capture the emotion and happiness that comes when you are in love. In addition to it, a first look away from the guests means fewer butterflies and less anxiety.
  • Groom Behind: This pose does its own wonder with the groom behind his love and arm around her waist. If the groom is tall enough, he could even kiss her cheek or murmur something in the ear making her laugh instantly. Isn’t it a super romantic pose?

  • Focus on the Ring: This pose highlights the ring more than the couple. Your wedding photographer would purposely leave the couple’s faces blurred in the background of the photo to give it a classic touch. For sure, this pose is more of a ring shot than the couple’s pose; however, it could add variety to the wedding album.
  • Standing Side-By-Side: Your photographer would make you stand facing away from the camera. It surely works tremendously well when the couple’s arms looped together. This is a good pose to be added into your wedding album or bride could even show the back of her wedding dress.
  • Holding Hands: There are a lot of ways through which you can create a pose holding hands. If you are a shy couple, simply hold each other’s hands and walk into each other while just ignoring the camera. This sets for an icebreaker and make up for a perfect shot. We at TVC Weddings bring out the best in you by suggesting creative and beautiful poses.

  • The Deep Kiss: A deep kiss is sure a fun pose. As a groom, hold your bride well, lean at a 90-degree angle from the camera and there you go with the perfect kiss shot. Many couples enjoy this pose more than any other pose as it denotes their affection and love for each other. This is a good pose to turn a usual wedding event into a phenomenal one.

Posing is surely an art but, with right body posture, smile on face and camera angle, every couple looks good when they are together. It’s a moment of forever.