As you embark on the next phase of your life, you would be looking to have fun & romantic shots in your wedding album. Well, who doesn’t want that? After all, this is the beginning of a beautiful journey for the two of you! So, you should not hesitate to invest ina pro photographer, who utilizes his creative flair to justify the heartwarming celebrations.

It does not matter where you are and what theme you have chosen for your wedding, use the following interesting ideas to add a niche to your wedding album. So, let out of the box wedding photography begets collection of priceless moments to cherish forever. Let’s quickly jump to the brilliant photoshoot ideas.

Dance the Night Away

The first dance on the wedding day lets a couple indulge in a romantic setting. The options are limitless; you could go fora slow dance, ballroom dance, the rumba, hip-hop dance, etc. Irrespective of what you pick, enjoy it and get yourself clicked. These moments will show the intimate feel in your pictures. TVC Weddings are known as to click million-dollar shots that tell a story.

Cheers to the Bride

When you are all dolled up, it’s time to raise a toast to a beautiful day. Before the big day begins, let your photographer capture the fun-filled candid moments as you drink a glass of beer or champagne. This also sets up the celebration mood and lifts the fun spirits up.

Playground Adventure

If the wedding venue has a park or playground close by, let the child in you run out, unleash it and arrange an eye-catching wedding party photo. You could go for swing photoshoot with your best friends and play around with poses & swings.

Take It to Greater Heights

Recently, wedding photographers have added a drone camera to their wedding shoot equipment. Get your cameraman capture a striking aerial shot of the wedding or a completely unique photo of you and your partner hand in hand, soaking the view. With TVC Weddings, the options are limitless.

Conceptualize the Moment

Love finds its expression in the union of two individuals and the wedding act as a catalyst to bind them together for a lifetime. Thus, let TVC Weddings take pictures of the celebration, hands in the air, applause, an embrace, a toast. Such wonderfully captured memories, you won’t be able to forget ever.

Classic Drama

Taking inspiration from classic models and everlasting poses, you could probably go for black and white photography, having elegant shots at a multitude of angles. Ask your photographer to put a focus on each bridesmaid, so the ideal photograph of your favorite bridesmaids comes out beautifully.

On a Party Mode

Go past the formal shots by running towards your photographer as he clicks a perfect shot. You have a night of cocktail party ahead, so go with the flow, and try different body moves. Keep that smile and let the lights take charge of your pictures.

Leverage the Big Space

Very often, outdoor weddings come with plenty of opportunities for unusual photo set-ups. A big space gives a leverage to explore the surroundings and do more with the photoshoot. It offers a variety of props, backdrops, and shots making the pictures come out amazing.