In addition to weddings and engagements, I am also a top tier Event Photographer in NJ, and an Event Photographer in NY. I can shoot a variety of events ranging anywhere from fundraisers to anniversaries. If you have a happy moment to capture, I’ll be thrilled to assist you in making those moments tangible.

While I am affluent and attuned in the matter of putting your best moments in the four corners of a frame, I also have a great deal of experience and work with cinematography. I can frame your best moments in a series of images and videos, and put them all together in a well orchestrated film, one that you can look back on and cherish for years to come.

Raman & Jasmine teaser trailer

Anthony & Cristin

Nick & Nicole

Akash & Unnati Engagement Session

Paris & Andrew Trailer

Max & Gaby’s Trailer