Your Wedding Photographer & Cinematographer

Your wedding is hands down the most important day of your life. And as your wedding photographer, it’s my job to freeze those moments in time so you can cherish them forever.

My name is Sheheryar Shahid, and I’m a professional wedding photographer and cinematographer, and I would love the privilege of being yours.

I see myself more as a visual storyteller, rather than just some guy with a camera. I live in New Jersey but offer my services as a wedding photographer virtually anywhere your love story takes me.


See that kid holding a camera crying? yeah you guessed it right! That is me with my dad giving me the “death stare” because I wouldn’t let go of my grandfather’s camera.

My journey into photography started all the way back in the early 90’s, at a time when film was king and digital photography didn’t even exist yet. I spent most of my youth as a photography hobbyist, but in 2009 that all changed. I was invited to help a friend shoot a wedding, and that was the day that I fell in love with the art of visual storytelling. While it was challenging, I found those challenges thrilling and rewarding.

Flashforward to today, and I still get a rush when I capture the perfect smile from a bride who’s overwhelmed by love on her wedding day or the tears down a father’s cheek as he dances with his little girl at her wedding.

Over my nearly ten years of experience as a professional photographer I’ve developed my own style, one that I feel tells a compelling story. Technically known as photo journalistic with a touch of fine art, my documenting approach is as unique as the brides and grooms I shoot. I have a near-obsessive relationship with the finer details in every image, which leaves you with drop dead gorgeous photos.

Let’s Work Together

My goal is not to be there just to ‘take pictures.’ Instead, I want to capture your wedding day as it was. I love freezing time with the click of my camera at just the right moments. I am a documentarian who looks for the perfect shot. Your story is unique, and I believe your pictures should be too. Let me tell your story as it unfolded, so that someday your children and grandchildren can hold those images in their hands and feel what you felt. In a nutshell, that’s why I want to be your NJ wedding photographer.

Drop me a line or give me a call today and let’s chat about your wedding, or check out my package options down below to get started!